Feb. 7th, 2009

jay: (Nancy-smile)
Ten years ago at alt.polycon 4 in Chicago, a nervous guy wondered if that lovely woman could actually be interested in *him*... only to discover that she was, surprisingly.

I'd gone to APC4 as a sort of date with Ruth Anne, as we'd had a couple of dates and expected to take things further, away from home, driving back after the con from Phoenix together after I'd bought a car there... I had $2400 in a suitcase. Instead, the transmission of the car in Phoenix died (so no road trip), and RA and I fell heavily for different people (Ruth Anne for my roommate [personal profile] rmjwell, so today is their anniversary too, I guess... congrats ;).

This certainly surprised [profile] patgreene upon my arrival home (er... yes I did, but not with whom we expected... ) and a couple of years of difficult poly-transitioning began.

Just as ten years ago, things with Nancy are *easy*... we fall into each other's arms. Still happy and loving and passionate, still intense and funny and comfortable. Still my rock of stability, when every other relationship in my life has wavered or fallen down at times. Still loves me and is loved by me and just... fits. Happy 10th anniversary to us!

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