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Not satisfied with simply cleaning and reorganizing the central living areas at home, I've tackled my office. Specifically, I've gone through and put about a cubic meter of mixed paper into recycling (all from my desktop). Gotten rid of acetate slides for presentations from the late 90s. Cleaned out bits of paper, old business cards, and the odd cable or two for peripherals I'm no longer using.

Cleaned my actual desktop... for the first time since sometime in (I think) 2004. Dust, broken bits of wire, dead insects, leafy bits from the salvia plant I had here in 2007... all gone now.

This has also been motivated by eyestrain, using my MacBook Pro 15" laptop for the past few years as my primary desktop computing interface. Now I have room for a new, bright 23" LCD monitor, a real keyboard and a wireless mouse, while the laptop is attached over in the corner.

I've ordered a new desk chair, to replace the one I've used since 1992 (and which itself is broken, with missing pieces, a broken armrest and torn cushion).

Framed photos (kids, Pat, other sweeties and an ex) have gone back around the edges of my desk, along with the hole-punch, tape dispenser and stapler. And the corner closest to the door still has the massive (30kg) 12-apex shatter cone that I brought back in 2002 from Haughton Crater. Along with a dinosaur fossil and a reputed impact fragment, both past gifts. And jumping plastic lederhosen, an origami shuttle, and beaded egg...
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