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The weather has been lovely, again... sunny and warmer, mid-40s daytime. In the orange dome tent, it was mid-50s and one of the team (J.) took off her layers and was in a tank top yesterday. It's all relative... after days of 35F and drizzle, sun and 58 feels balmy! And I think we're all readjusted metabolically to "winter" setpoints.

Saturday was a workday, we spent time testing software fixes in the morning, then the team stayed (their choice) through lunch while I went back and forth the 5 km up out of the crater and to base camp. Where the repeaters weren't getting finished because of contention with telemedicine, they were doing a telecon so we couldn't test our connection. It was necessary to be a bit hard-nosed at that point... I'd been patient the previous day, bumped by telemedicine experiments. So I appealed to Pascal... that was sufficient to reshuffle priorities, and the remaining net bugs were addressed and we had a connection to the drilling site. :) Where we reached 74cm in the pilot hole. Then... when we pulled out of the hole, preparing to move the drill to its "production" hole site, the casing came up with it. It had to be partially dug out, and [personal profile] dangerpudding today cut the casing off with her Dremel. It is dry down there at 1m, little ice or liquid water, so I think we'll omit the casing for the next hole.

Sunday mornings are traditionally a brunch at 10:30am, instead of our usual 7:30am breakfast meeting. My DAME team had been pushed nonstop since Monday, and we were exactly on schedule, so I decided to relent and give them a break and stand down today, given the short day after brunch. It was good to relax... we all took turns in the wooden shower booth with the garden hose, and felt better. Today I handwashed laundry, and applied sealant to my leaky tent seams, and caught up on email, LJ and photo uploads.

And last night I was persuaded to try Skype with [personal profile] cyan_blue... it was great to see *and* hear her, live. For years, I've done occasional webcams, without sound. The IP phones are now working, too... including the one down at the drill site, miles away down in the crater. If anyone else wants to try, let me know. Late nights here are best, so as to not interfere with others' bandwidth needs.

Tomorrow... back to drilling full-time. But the respite, combined with sun and clear skies, has cheered many of us here.


Jul. 27th, 2008 07:27 pm
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[personal profile] dangerpudding hurls, is sick, looks flushed and weak. I go straightaway to the medical tent. Doctor C. is there, glares at me when I open the door. I say " I've got a live one for you guys." He says, "what is it?" I describe her symptoms. He says "I don't have time for a patient, I have a talk to give tonight. Go find Dr. JM, he might be in the bathroom or his tent or somewhere." And Dr. C. turns away, back to his PowerPoint.


Fortunately, I found Dr. JM in a few minutes, and he and Sarah headed back to the medical tent. But I'm boycotting Dr. C's presentation tonight... grr. Don't physicians take an oath or something?
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Today began with a video conference with a classroom at the International Space University summer session, meeting this year in Barcelona. I talked about my current and past projects, answered a couple of questions... we must have looked strange to them, bundled-up while the students were in shorts. One woman in front was in short shorts, and had the legs for it... it was almost cruel to show us that, here.

This afternoon, we finished drill checkout and began drilling tests, still a half day ahead of schedule, and getting to 56 cm in a couple of hours. Software glitches, as expected, popped up and will be dealt with... I built room for that into my plans. And the repeaters back to the base camp ground station are nearly done, so we should begin having net access from the drill site 5 km away in the crater.

It's Friday night... a week ago, I was being held and hugged at my birthday party. And it was warm. Tonight... I have nothing to do, no one to be with, nowhere to go. A bit depressing... still, not unexpected.
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Today the weather has changed... windy, and expected to worsen (gusts to 50-60 knots... infeasible to put up the big dome tent at the drillsite). But if the rain holds off, maybe a site-scouting traverse this afternoon. Otherwise, we've mostly unpacked and checked gear and finally caught up on photos and email and such while waiting for the weather.

And today's my actual birthday. :) Thanks for the multiple best-wishes received!
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Here again... for nearly a month, this time. I've been here every summer since 1998, had nearly every birthday here since, had three different sweeties fall in love in IM from here... and worked on field exploration technologies, robotics, automated drills, and geophysical studies of the impact structure.

Unexpected good things: the cook seems great, so far; the weather has been excellent. And Charlie was here, and actually saw lemmings this time. (inside joke)
Unexpected bad thing: it has been warmer and drier than usual, and everything is dust and drying up. Our water supply is a trickle... I don't know what we'll be drinking in August, at this rate.

Edmonton to Devon Island, photos and text )
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Currently in Resolute... we're headed to Polar Shelf and thence to Devon Island in about 15 minutes. I'm behind in uploading, but here are a couple of photos from friendly Edmonton. One of the places that feels sort-of-homelike when I'm passing through. (smile)
First-day photos from Edmonton )
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I'm back at home briefly this week, before heading up to the Arctic tomorrow. I stopped this morning at our neighborhood Starbucks... the barista asked "your usual?" and I nodded. Then added that they wouldn't see me again until mid-August, and explained (when asked) that I was with NASA and going to test automated drills in a frozen impact crater at 75N. The crew wished me luck... and comped me my beverage and my breakfast sandwich. :)
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A book I contributed to, "The Geology of Mars--Evidence from Earth-based Analogs," was selected for the 2008 Basic Science Book Award of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA). Go us! :)
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25 years ago, a nervous bride and groom in their early 20s, with no experience dating anyone else and little idea of what they were doing... took a large step forward. Together. Despite being locked out of their car, stranded on their honeymoon, and dealing with kids and degrees and accidents and promotions and successes and new jobs and health and money and poly issues... we're still in love, still our best friends, and still stubbornly persistent about doing things together. With our three boys (James, David and Kevin), here's to a 25th wedding anniversary for myself and my beloved [profile] patgreene !
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Drill automation tests are already underway... and going well, apparently. I'm here this week for that, and to serve on someone's Ph.D. dissertation committee. [personal profile] cyan_blue is traveling with me this week, including a stop in Houston Friday.

The flight out was uneventful, and we missed dinner with [profile] sisterfish125, but made the best of it by introducing NYC-born Geri to Southern food at Mary Mac's Tea Room, on Ponce near the Fox. She liked the fried green tomatoes, but I finished her okra for her as well as her collards. ;) Then we found a couple of geocaches in Virginia-Highlands before heading to the hotel in Marietta (which itself is diagonally across from the duplex where [profile] patgreene and I first lived in 1983-84 after we were married).

Tomorrow: drilling tests, visit my parents for dinner with Geri, wish us all luck!
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Today's the June administration date for the SAT... James is taking it. Not without some obstacles... he thought that one could take both the SAT and subject tests on the same day, so when the College Board's website showed him as registered for the latter, he thought he was done. Not so... he discovered last night that he wasn't in fact registered for the main test.

We arrived at the local HS where he was registered for subject tests. But... they have no walk-in spots for nonregistered students. James looks despondent. But... they had a single transfer spot open for someone already registered for subject tests (apparently someone had duplicated James's error, in reverse). So he lucked-out. Except... he'd left his wallet and photo ID at home. Despite the burgeoning reminders to bring it. Deer-in-headlights look of panic returns to his face... the registrar shrugs and tells him that he will be admitted, but not released until I return and show her his ID. I joke that after a couple of days, they might hire him on staff. He is not amused, but the registrar chuckles. He goes in to take the test, on time. I will head back in a few minutes with his ID. ;)

David is 14 and will be finishing middle school next week. Last night there was a dance for the graduating 8th grade class, at the school. He dressed up... wore one of my jackets and dress shirt and tie, and my pants. He cut a handsome figure, actually surprised me that he cleaned up so well, so to speak. This apparently paid off... "I danced with a real, live girl tonight! Her name was Priscilla." David was happy about that, and "I was just a regular kid at the dance, not a special-ed student!" He also split a seam in my pants, while breakdancing (?!) and called his younger brother Kevin to bring him a change of trousers from home.

Mileposts for two of my children, in their own paths. :)


May. 25th, 2008 09:18 pm
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An unexpected kiss, brunch, Liebowitz photos, Dead Sea Scroll fragments and a successful landing... today has gone very well. Yay! :)
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I still get all frubbly and squeeful around her, which I think she doesn't mind too much. Pretty good for six years along in a long-dstance relationship. We've seen other relationships begin and end for each of us, dealt with angst and stress, gone through periods of distance... and then back closer. Ups and downs. And one of the most valuable things I've learned is letting a relationship be itself, and take its natural course, rather than pushing and pushing to make it fit some expectation. Thanks, love!

I still count down the days... even though visits have become fewer, the past couple of years, due to shifts in work trips. And she's still adorable to me, in her quiet, eclectic, playful ways. Happy anniversary! :)
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Adult Personal Conflict Style Inventory Tally

(Work Environment)
Calm: Response when issues/conflicts first arise.

Score Style
10 Collaborating
10 Forcing
7 Compromising
4 Accommodating
3 Avoiding

Storm: Response after the issues/conflicts have been unresolved an have grown in intensity.

Score Style
11 Forcing
10 Collaborating
10 Compromising
6 Accommodating
5 Avoiding

(personal/social environment)

Score Style
11 Collaborating
9 Forcing
8 Accommodating
7 Avoiding
6 Compromising


Score Style
11 Accommodating
10 Compromising
10 Avoiding
9 Collaborating
8 Forcing

Interesting to me is that while at the onset of conflict I tend to apply Collaborating and Forcing approaches, both in the workplace and personal life, it differs sharply if conflict persists. Career-wise, if conflict persists I become if anything more adamant, shifting to more of a Forcing-dominant approach. Which is completely flipped when conflict persists in relationships or socially -- then, Accommodating and Avoiding and Compromising suddenly dominate. Could this simply reflect a lack of self-confidence or sense of validation socially, compared to the workplace? Hmmm...
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While on the telephone today in my office... I heard these noises. And suddenly, part of my desk chair fell off. Metal fatigue, the bolts had all sheared cleanly. The chair itself... I received it new in 1992, and it is now badly worn and stained and non-ergonomic anyway. Time for some new office furniture. I guess no one will complain, after 16 years...
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For those who celebrate it, and a nice spring day to everyone else. :)

We're going to have the kids hunt candy and things scattered around the house ([profile] patgreene and [personal profile] cyan_blue did the hiding last night, after I'd fallen asleep on the couch), then to our church at 10:30am, then a large, late lunch (dinner). Then maybe I'll finally bottle the 5 gallons of homebrew that have been pending for 2 weeks...
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This was my take on the situation. I wish I'd been wrong about the mess. But it was apparent, even then.
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It's submitted... after working through last night with two hours of sleep, and cancelling all appointments today. Whew. As long as the fellow reviewing them here sends it onward before 9pm (midnight EDT). I submitted it at 7:11pm... maybe I'll get lucky this time (wry grin). I realize that these are really long-shots, given the numbers, but we have a really good potential team for this one... and one can hope. ;). Who knows...

Thanks to [profile] patgreene for supporting me at home and for covering David's teacher conference this afternoon, for [personal profile] cyan_blue for 2am IM check-ins and a quick hug, and to [personal profile] tenacious_snail for bringing me take-out sushi to my office today while I worked through lunch. :D
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