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Waiting in Albuquerque airport.... I now have confirmation that every long-distance recipient has now received theirs, so I won't spoil any surprises. Among the proposals and home crises and travel this week, I managed (with significant help shopping by [personal profile] tenacious_snail, making by [profile] patgreene and drop-offs by [personal profile] cyan_blue) to make homemade chocolate truffles and send them out in various decorated boxes to my various layers of sweetie-dom. There's actually an algorithm for who gets how many, based on relationship type and years of seniority (I won't explain, other than Pat gets at least double what anyone else does ;) and modified for dietary restrictions. It sounds more complex than it actually is, in practice.

Anyway... this year's basics:

- Traditional truffle rolled in Valrhona cocoa powder (most intense chocolate flavor, IMO)
- Regular truffle, dipped in chocolate (less messy on fingers)

And this year's specialty fillings:

- Intense orange-flavored, dipped and with chocolate sprinkles (lovely sweet-tangy, and an improvement over last year's)
- Mole-flavored, dipped with ground cinnamon sprinkles (cayenne, chipotle, and cinnamon... sweet sparkly rush, followed by a slow tingle)

The base for these this year came mostly from ground Lindt bittersweet and 61% local Guittard, using Ghiradelli for the specialty bases, and blended with heavy whipping cream and other flavorings (I didn't promise to reveal *all*... ;).

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