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Today's the June administration date for the SAT... James is taking it. Not without some obstacles... he thought that one could take both the SAT and subject tests on the same day, so when the College Board's website showed him as registered for the latter, he thought he was done. Not so... he discovered last night that he wasn't in fact registered for the main test.

We arrived at the local HS where he was registered for subject tests. But... they have no walk-in spots for nonregistered students. James looks despondent. But... they had a single transfer spot open for someone already registered for subject tests (apparently someone had duplicated James's error, in reverse). So he lucked-out. Except... he'd left his wallet and photo ID at home. Despite the burgeoning reminders to bring it. Deer-in-headlights look of panic returns to his face... the registrar shrugs and tells him that he will be admitted, but not released until I return and show her his ID. I joke that after a couple of days, they might hire him on staff. He is not amused, but the registrar chuckles. He goes in to take the test, on time. I will head back in a few minutes with his ID. ;)

David is 14 and will be finishing middle school next week. Last night there was a dance for the graduating 8th grade class, at the school. He dressed up... wore one of my jackets and dress shirt and tie, and my pants. He cut a handsome figure, actually surprised me that he cleaned up so well, so to speak. This apparently paid off... "I danced with a real, live girl tonight! Her name was Priscilla." David was happy about that, and "I was just a regular kid at the dance, not a special-ed student!" He also split a seam in my pants, while breakdancing (?!) and called his younger brother Kevin to bring him a change of trousers from home.

Mileposts for two of my children, in their own paths. :)

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