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For the past seven years, one of the social events that [livejournal.com profile] patgreene and I have hosted has been an annual ice skating party, typically held on a Sunday late afternoon in winter after the holiday rush is over. We like the idea because Kevin and I are active skaters and most of the rest of our household skates, and because we don't have to clean the house beforehand ;-). Typically we have covered the admissions and skate rentals for attendees who RSVP in advance.

This will be a kid-friendly event at the outdoor rink at the Winter Lodge in Palo Alto. This year, we're going on Sunday, February 22, from 3-5pm. We'll bring cocoa and [livejournal.com profile] patgreene's brownies. Anyone care to join us? See http://www.winterlodge.com for directions.

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3-5pm at the Winter Lodge in Palo Alto today... ping or call me if you'd like to join us and get your admission covered.
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After last week's work rush, this weekend is a bit like landing in a sand pit... few features, slower moving. It's a slow weekend in part because most local friends and partners are off at big weekend-long events. At one event, I'd be an unwelcomed observer (at best) were I to go there, and the other excludes me because of my age. (This seems to be selectively applied, if one is a friend of the organizers.)

This has already led to drama and such with at least one sweetie thus far... at this point, I'm grumpy, and feeling like if they don't want me, I don't want them either and they can just go do... whatever to themselves. Which may be true, ironically. (wry grin)

I plan to go pull weeds and dig my garden this afternoon, have fun this evening with [profile] patgreene, then see [personal profile] cyan_blue for her postponed birthday date on Sunday. Nyah.

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