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Stayed awake yesterday through the morning drilling papers and the afternoon breakout groups, an accomplishment on 2 hours' sleep. Made connections with prospective proposal co-investigators.

Afterward... rather than nap, I went out with [profile] patgreene and bought a new (low-end, top-loading Whirlpool from Costco)clothes washer. We decided to buy a cheap one now, as we'll need to go to front-loading stackable units when we expand my garage bedroom in a couple of years, but didn't want to spring for $2K now. But to install it... required cleaning out the garage, at least half of it, to clear a path. On 2 hours of sleep, I'm lucky that I didn't cross the hot and cold lines. [personal profile] cyan_blue, who had taken the kids out yesterday while I was at work, further showed her devotion by hanging around and gamefully piling into the boxes of old clothes, papers, camping gear, etc as well as helping in cleanup. There's now actual clear, cleaned space in my garage... it looks vastly better than it did prior to last June. And the new washer is letting us catch up on laundry, now.

Then... Geri babysat while Pat and I went out to Tied House, whereupon I was dull dinnertime company, actually dozing off briefly twice over my buffalo and beer.

This week... work on proposals of various types, celebrate an anniversary, go skating and help [profile] patgreene celebrate her final departure from the Pacific Art League. :)

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